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Happy Lets Go GIF by NHL

At least Edmonton is a likable team with a huge passionate fanbase.

There are only 5 people who will remember the Panthers exist in a week.

At least the Celtics are gonna win the NBA final.....
Because life sucks, that's why.

Sorry, extremely salty about this. I'm pissed off about this being the way Pavelski's career ends. If he loses to the team who wins the cup or is at least close, then I can let that slide.

But THIS? This is absolutely disgraceful. You came all this way, at least put up something resembling a fight.
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What you don't appreciate the combination hockey game and grocery store?
I don't have to choose between the hockey game and grocery store. Because I know how to prioritize what's more important. ;)

It's just such a God damn suffocating style of play, that teams just aren't able to play their own style at all
It's frustrating seeing your team getting decimated by it, but Goddamn if it isn't effective. The way they shut down the opposition, bully their opponents around. Love them or hate them, it's a recipe for success. They have that killer instinct needed to go deep.
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