X-Men '97 (2024)

Genre: Animation,Action & Adventure,Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Cast: Ray Chase,Jennifer Hale,Alison Sealy-Smith,Cathal J. Dodd,JP Karliak,Lenore Zann,George Buza,A.J. LoCascio,Holly Chou,Isaac Robinson-Smith,Matthew Waterson,Adrian Hough

First aired:

Show status: In Production

Overview: The X-Men, a band of mutants who use their uncanny gifts to protect a world that hates and fears them, are challenged like never before, forced to face a dangerous and unexpected new future.

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Cast Crew

    • Ray Chase

      Cyclops (voice)
    • Jennifer Hale

      Jean Grey (voice)
    • Alison Sealy-Smith

      Storm (voice)
    • Cathal J. Dodd

      Wolverine (voice)
    • JP Karliak

      Morph (voice)
    • Lenore Zann

      Rogue (voice)
    • George Buza

      Beast (voice)
    • A.J. LoCascio

      Gambit (voice)
    • Holly Chou

      Jubilee (voice)
    • Isaac Robinson-Smith

      Bishop (voice)
    • Matthew Waterson

      Magneto (voice)
    • Adrian Hough

      Nightcrawler (voice)
    • Victoria Alonso (Production)

    • Brad Winderbaum (Production)

    • Charley Feldman (Production)

    • Kevin Feige (Production)

    • Taylor Stewart (Sound)

    • Jake Castorena (Art)

    • JB Ballard (Directing)

    • Andrew Grush (Sound)

    • Beau DeMayo (Production)

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Reactions: Ben
Really enjoyed it, cant wait for more, my only "issue"
No real deaths of any of our major characters, seems like Gambit will come back in some shape or form, which I get is something the genre does a lot, but probably a big reason Im not too into comic books and movies based on them. Still some real good character growth and moments, and not to say characters have to die, but more when so many seem to die, but then are fine or come back.
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