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Nintendo Super Mario World

Just went through my yearly-ish play through of this game and I love it so much. It is really hard to pick a favorite between it and SMB3. I will go back and play SMB3 soon so I can kind of compare, but I think Im slowly going to the side of SMW. I used to think SMW was easy, but I had more difficulty this time than I remembered the longer the game went along. I don't know if it is because Im not playing on original hardware and my controller isnt as responsive, or Im just older now. I am also less patient so I do tend to rush more, but there were a few times it felt like I would get hit but it didnt look like I was touching the object/enemy.
I love SMW, but SMB3 holds a special place in my heart. Overall the levels just feel tighter and more fun to me. I wish it had SMW's system of allowing movement back and forth through world's as you progress, though.

Yeah, I have always held SMB3 a smidge higher, felt like it was more challenging, but I love the SMW world so much, and love the secrets and hidden exits

It's hard to pick a favorite, like picking between which wife I like the most
I just finished all the exits of SMW and the special stages werent as hard as I remembered. I did hate the level with the P Balloon, but I used the cape to fly over most if not all the level. I also had issues with the one with all the jumping fish (and giant bullet bills) at the end, but it goes back to hit detection, too many times it looked to me I was on top of the fish, and instead of killing it, it hit me and took my power up (or life). I eventually used save states because I got frustrated
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