Do you think your house is haunted?


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As in seeing things out of the corner of your eye, things randomly falling off tables. People or animals standing in door ways. Would it creep you out if it was?


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My house is definitely not haunted. Would I be creeped out if it were? Most likely yes but I guess it depends... Like... Do I know these ghosts? Are they friendly or are they mean?

I've stayed in 3 haunted houses before.
  • When I lived in Vietnam, the house that we lived in had been in the family for a good handful of generations. You could hear footsteps going up/down the wooden stairs even when there was only one person home who wasn't going up/down. The altar of my grandfather would occasionally have offerings knocked off or spilled. I don't remember any personal encounters because we moved to the US when I was five but I did recall being scared when I wake up in the middle of the night.
  • During my undergrad, I went to Wisconsin to stay with my ex's family. That house had been in the family for a good handful of generations too. I had my own room when I visited (they were a little old-fashioned). When I went to sleep, I would open the window to let the cool air in + put the fan on. Well if you never experienced summer further from the equator, you wouldn't know that temperatures drop preeetty dramatically in the middle of the night. I swear every night I would wake up regretting the decisions time-for-bed-me made but I was always too cold to actually get out of bed and do something about it. But every morning, I would wake up and everything was just nice and serene and my window was closed and the fan was off. After a few times like that, I mentioned it to my then-boyfriend who I always found asleep downstairs on the couch (he stayed out with his dad at the bars but I wasn't 21 so I couldn't come). I said "it's so sweet that your parents check on me in the mornings." He just looked at me like I was crazy. He was like "why would my parents check on YOU before they left for work..? That would be creepy." Also one morning I found concert tickets on the nightstand. I was like ??? because we weren't going to be there for those dates. Later his sister was like "hey... I lost some concert tickets..." and I was like "I found them on our nightstand!" and she was like "why would they be there?"
  • The house that I lived in when I joined GW was haunted. We used to just find things that didn't belong to us in our garage... Not sure what that was about..


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Nah, my home was built in the 90s. A friend of mine did report something weird once, though.

From the outside, the house looks like it has two floors because the attic has a window. It's completely unfinished, and the only explanation for the window is to make the house look fancier from the outside. You can't even get to it. Anyway, the morning after the first night my friend stayed with me, he asked me how to get upstairs. I get asked this a lot, so I told him there was no such thing, and explained about the window, since I figured that was why he was asking.

He looked more stunned than the situation seemed to call for. "What?! No second floor?!"
"It's not a big house. You've seen the whole thing on the way to your room. There's obviously no stairs."
He was quiet for a moment, clearly disturbed. "But I heard people walking around up there last night!!"

We went up and looked around, and there were no signs of animals and it didn't seem like any could get in.

I honestly have no idea what he heard. I used to sleep in that same room for years and never heard anything like that.
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