Brantsteele Hunger games simulator join game 2

do you want write ups to be detailed with everything, or less detailed

  • more detailed

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • less detailed

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • either one is fine

    Votes: 3 50.0%

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Bingo! Dino DNA.
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So you confirm it's not bullshit, you read it :p
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the blood bath
Jack Bauer runs away from Cornucopia
Lucy runs away from Cornucopia
Jimmy Tudeski runs away from the cornucopia
Tom Bombadil runs away from the cornucopia
Conan the Barbarian runs away from the cornucopia
Donald duck takes a spear from the cornucopia
Nathan Explosion runs away from the cornucopia
Scott Pilgrim and Jack O'Neil fight Darth Vader and Simon Belmont, Scott and Jack survive
Kefka grabs a backpack and retreats
Darkwing Duck retrieves a trident from the cornucopia
Jack Sparrow runs away from the cornucopia
John Wick grabs a sword
Stone Cold and Spongebob fight for a bag, Spongebob strangles Stone Cold with the straps and runs
Jack Harkness runs away from the cornucopia
Cookie Monster takes a handfull of throwing knives
Hit-Girl stabs Godzilla with a tree branch
Gruntilda grabs a shield leaning on the cornucopia
Alpha 5 takes a spear from the cornucopia
Elmira runs away from the cornucopia
Starscream grabs a backpack and retreats
Ichigo Kurosaki, Jack-Jack, Toki, and Will share everything they gathered before running
Duffman stays at the cornucopia for resources
Jack Skellingtoin runs away from the cornucopia
Jules Winnfield severely slices Sephiroth with a sword
Spider-man runs away from the cornucopia
Cartman runs away from the cornucopia
Harley Quinn runs away from the cornucopia
Skwisgaar runs away from the Cornucopia.
David Dunn receives a trident from the cornucopia
Ditto runs away from the Cornucopia
Master chief runs away from the Cornucopia
Korban Dallas runs away from the cornucopia
John McClane grabs a shield leaning on the cornucopia
John Hartigan retrieves a trident from the cornucopia
Broly runs away from the cornucopia
Day 1
Conan picks flowers
Tom Bombadil receives hatchett from unknown sponsor
Kefka and Spongebob hunt for other tributes
Toki and Broly work together for the day
Starscream hears McClane and Jules talking in the distance
Alpha 5 diverts Jack Sparrow's attention and runs away
Donald Duck stalks Pickles
Pilgrim sprains his ankle running away from John Hartigan
Jack O'Neil receives an explosive from unknown sponsor
Gruntilda camoflauges herself in the bushes
Hit-girl attacks Master Chief but he manages to escape
Elmira goes hunting
Skwisgaar chases Cartman
Kiryu is pricked by thorns by picking berries
Jack bauer hunts for other tributes
Plank runs away from Lucy
Will, Jack-Jack, David Dunn, and Jack Skellington track down and kill Ichigo Kurosaki
Duffman constructs a shack
Jimmy Tudeski is pricked by thorns while picking berries
Harkness searches for firewood
Spider-Man questions his sanity
Harley collects fruit from a tree
Darkwing defeats Ditto in a fight but lets it live
Korban steals from Nathan when he's not looking
Cookie Monster chases John WIck
Bobby Hill tries to sleep through the day
canon shots can be heard for the fallen tributes
Darth Vader-district 10
Simon Belmont- District 7
Stone Cold Steve Austin-District 12
Godzilla-District 9
Sephiroth-District 1
Ichigo Kurosaki-district 9

night 1
John Wick thinks about winning
Ditto attempts to climb a tree but falls to its' death
Jack-Jack thinks about winning
Jack Bauer is awoken by nightmares
Starscream, Jules, Scott, Hartigan, and Tom Bombodil sleep in shifts
cookie monster destroys Gruntilda's supplies while she's sleeping
Kiryu loses sight of where he is
Jack O'Neil goes to sleep
Harkness goes to sleep
Darkwing fends Master Chief, Hit-Girl, and spongebob away from his fire
plank tries to sing itself to sleep
Harley is awoken by nightmares
Toki tends to Spider-mans wounds
Conan tries to sing hmself to sleep
Alpha 5 and Jimmy tudeski tell storiesabout themselves to each other
Jonh McClane and Nathan are awoken by nightmares
Will receives hatchet from sponsor
pickles sees fire but stays hidden
Kefka attempts to start a fire but fails
Jack Sparrow questions his sanity
duffman and JAck SKellington tell stories
David, Donald, Elmira, and Lucy sleep in shifts
Skwisgaar convinces bobby to snuggle with him
Cartman loses sight of where he is
Day 2
Tom is pircked by thorns
Jack Bauer receives explosive
Darkwing looks for water source
Gruntilda, Spidey, Plank, and Skwisgaar hunt for tributes
Duffman injures himself
Jack Skellington poisons Jack O'Nell's drink but mistakes it for his own and dies
Nathan Explores the arena
Harkness receives medical supplies
Spongebob Camoflauges himself
Bobby questions his sanity
Alpha 5 goes hunting
Pickles picks flowers
Korban practices archery
Cartman fishes
Will attacks Jules but David Dunn protects him, killing Will
Starscream stalks McClane
Kiryu attempts to climb a tree but falls to his death
Pilgrim sees smoke rising in the distance but decides no to investigate
Harley kills Hartigan as he tries to run
John Wick practices archery
hit-girl discovers cave
Broly thinks about home
Jack-Jack receives water
Toki Kills Cookie monster with a sickle
Lucy steals from Kefka
Elmira builds shack
Jack Sparrow hunts for tributes
Master Chief and Donald Duck work together
Jimmy Tudeski hunts for tributes

Ditto-District 3
Jack Skellington-District 11
Will Murderface- district 8
Kiryu Kazuma-district 5
John Hartigan-district 12
Cookie Monster-district 6
night 2
jules tends to Alpha 5 wounds
Pickles and Skwisgaar hold hands
Donald, darkwing, and tom cheer songs
duffman tends to wounds
Lucy thinks about winning
Dunn, Harkness, Gruntilda and Korban sleep in shifts
Jack Sparrow receives hatchet
hit-girl loses sight of where she is
John McClane tends to his wounds
Spongebob throws knife into Cartman's chest
Jack O'neil, Harley, Bobby, and Plank sleep in shifts
Spidey begs Broly to kill him, he refuses keeping Spidey alive
Jack-Jack sees fire but remains hidden
Jimmy Tudeski defeats Kefka in a fight but spares his life
Elmira tends to Conan's wounds
John Wick and Jack Bauer tell stories to each other
Toki receives explosives
Scott Pilgrim, Nathan, and Master Chief sing songs
Day 3
Nathan, Jules, Scott, Plank, an Sparrow hunt for tributes
David kills Kefka with his own weapon
McClane goes hunting
Lucy sprains ankle running away from Darkwing
Alpha 5, Spidey, Broly, Harkness and Conan hunt for tributes
Duffman receives explosives
Spongebob defeats Hit-Girl but spares her
Gruntilda tries to spear fish with a trident
Skwisgaar hunts for tributes
Donald thinks about home
Jimmy Tudeski camouflages himself
Bauer begs Wick to kill him but Wick Spares him
Bobadil runs from Bobby
Harley collects fruit
Jack-Jack receives food
Toki sprains ankle running from O'Neil
Chief distracts Pickles
Korban thinks about home
arena event : borders begin to contract
Pickles and Lucy attempt to run through border together thinking they can escape
Plank trips on a tree root and is unable to recover fast enough
John Wick pushes Bombadil into the border when he's not paying attention
Starscream restrains MAster Chief to a tree and leaves him to dies
Darkwing pushes Korban into the border
Elmira restrains Hit-Girl to a tree and leaves her to die

Bobby Hill, O'Neill, survives[
Gruntilda and Jack Sparrow run into the border tgether
Jules is electrocated by the border
Harley restrains Bauer to a tree ad leaves him to die
Tudeski and Alpha 5 run into the border together
Jack-Jack and Duffman run into border together
Spongebob trips on tree branch and can't recover

Donald, Broly, Skwisgaar, Spidey, Nathan, Harkness, Toki, David, Conan, McClane, Pilgrim, survive
Cartman-district 5
Kefka-district 1
Pickles-district 1
Lucy-district 8
Plank-district 11
Tom Bobadil-District 7
Master Chief-District 3
Korban Dallas-district 6
Hit-Girl-District 4
Gruntilda-district 7
Jack Sparrow-district 4
Jules Winnfield- district 7
Jack Bauer-district 3
Jimmy Tudeski-district 4
Alpha 5- district 2
Jack-Jack-district 2
Duffman-district 6
Spongebob Squarepants-district 4
Bobby shoots arrow into Harkness' head
Conan and Skwisgaar hold hands
Darkwing receives explosives
O'neil and Toki huddle for warmth
Wick tends to Elmira's wounds
Nathan and Spidey tell stories
Broly starts fire
Dunn receives medical supplies
Starscream cries himslef to sleep
McClane sets up camp
Harley is unable to start fire and sleeps without warmth
Pilgrim tends to Donald's wounds
Day 4

Bobby runs away from broly
Pilgrim receives explosives
David sees Smoke doesn't investigate
Harley, Skwisgaar and Toki hunt for tributes
Wick begs Darkwing to kill him but he refuses
Donald receives water
Conan, Nathan, Starscream, and Spidey raid McClane's camp while he's hunting
Elmira makes sling shot
O'Neil injures himself
Jacl Harkness-district 5

think I'm gonna split it here, I know it's long I'm sorry next game I will probably have less characters and it will probably be less detailed I wanted to do it for the first time here so everyone could see how it works
think I'm gonna split it here, I know it's long I'm sorry next game I will probably have less characters and it will probably be less detailed I wanted to do it for the first time here so everyone could see how it works
Psh, I fucking love it. I've lost Sephiroth and SpongeBob, but SpongeBob killed someone, so I'm happy!


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Night 4

Starscream sets up camp for the night
O'neil fends Darkwing, Donald, and Elmira away from his fire
Conan receives hatchett
McClane goes to sleep
Broly defeats Nathan in a fight but spares him
Bobby and Skwisgaar receives explosives
Wick loses sight of where he is
Dunn and Pilgrim tell stories
Spidey dies from hunger
Toki cooks his food before putting fire out
Harley attempts to start fire but fails

Day 5
Nathan practices archery
Pilgrim and Donald hunt for tributes
O'neil tends to Harley's wounds
Dunn tends to Darkwings' wounds
toki and McClane hunt for tributes
Starscream and Conan split up for resources
Skwisgaar stalks Bobby
John Wick makes wooden spear
Broly chases Elmira
Arena event: acidic rain pours down from the arena
Elmira survives
Broly survives
David Dunn survives
McClane injures Nathan and leaves him to die in the rain
Conan injures O'neil and leaves him to die in the rain
Darkwing refuses Starscream Shelter, killing him
Donald refuses Skwissgar shelter, killing him
Harley shoves Toki into a pond of acidic rain, but is pulled in by Toki killing them both
John wick injures Bobby leaving him to die
Scott Pilgrim trips face first into a puddle of acidic rain
Spider-man- district 10
Nathan Explosion-district 3
Jack O'Neil-district 8
Starscream-district 10
Skwisgaar Skwigelf-district 2
Harley Quinn-district 5
Toki wartooth-district 2
Bobby Hill-district 1
Scott Pilgrim-district 12
Night 5
Donald duck and Broly talk about the tributes still alive
Elmira destroys Darkwings' supplies while he's asleep
McClane and David Dunn hold hands (o_O)
Wick looks at the night sky
Conan sets up camp for the nigh
Day 6
Elmira questions her sanity
McClane runs away from Conan
Darkwing is pricked picking berries
Dunn Camoflauges himself
Donald Duck attempts to climb a tree but falls to his death
Wick stalks Broly

Arena event: Monkey mutts fill the arena.
Darkwing survives
McClane survives
Conan Survives
Elmira survives
John Wick survives
David Dunn is pummeled to the ground by a group of monkeys
Broly is pummeled to the ground and killed by a group of monkeys
Donald Duck-district 8
David Dunn-district 9
Broly-district 11
Night 6
Elmira looks at the night sky
Darkwing fends Conan, John, and McClane away from his fire
Day 7
Darkwing receives fresh food
Conan scares wick off
McClane tries to spear fish with a trident
Elmira falls into a pit and dies

Elmira-district 12

McClane, Conan, Wick, and Darkwing sleep in shifts

Day 8
McClane defeats Darkwing in a fight but spares his life
Conan is pricked picking berries
Wick searches for firewood

Night 8
Wick loses sight of where he is
McClane and Darkwing tells stories
Conan passes out from exhaustion

Day 9
Wick Stalks Darkwing
Conan scares McClane off

night 9
Wick ambushes Conan and kills him
McClane and Darkwing cook food

Day 10
darkwing receives explosive
McClane Spears Wick in the Abdomen

Conan the Barbarian-district 10
John Wick- District 9

Night 10
Darkwing kills McClane with a sickle

Darkwing Duck-district 11 @TD


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well I guess if people want to do another game I can do that, this time I'll see how many people want to be in before seeing which amount of Characters I will run. I can run a 24, 36, or 48 character game so yeah.

I added a poll to see how people would like to see write ups for the simulation going forward, more detailed is how I typed the first game basically just copying everything from the simulation that happened, less detailed would be more of a cliff notes version not everything would be mentioned (like I wouldn't write _____ ran away from the cornucopia every time) or if it doesn't matter to you either way

also Brantsteele has other simulators such as Survivor, Big Brother, Dog eat Dog, Total Drama Island, etc so if we get bored with Hunger games we can do one of those too
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I think a more detailed with less information write-up would be great. Essentially it doesn't list everything if it's not very important, but gives you a little opportunity to make it more fun by adding some color to what's happening.

If that makes sense.

I enjoyed reading through it as is, though. I'd be happy to jump in another one, but I want to hang sure people like @Ben and @Gloom-is-good get a shot at it first.


Bingo! Dino DNA.
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I think less characters but more detail would be awesome too, but again I did like it as is.

Also, what does Darkwing Duck get for winning. Where's our badge master at?
I've been working on the stupid page-load issue. I'll throw something together for Darkwing Duck in a little bit.
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yeah I know Ben said he was interested in the next game, I know he's also busy with Crystal's profile and seems like life in general so that's why I'm not tagging him (it's also in general not something I want to do a whole lot anyway :p) but if him and Kate join up think that will take us to 5 people which would leave 4 spots left


Orangekat, not Aphrodite
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I know @Kat is interested in games but requested to be tagged, so here we go.

I'd definitely do it again but I'm waiting on some others to be able to get in first.
Thanks for the tag!

I didn't read the whole thread, but this doesn't seem to really be a game, unless I'm missing something.
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Thanks for the consideration, everyone! Appreciate it.

  1. Rexy (Jurassic Park)
  2. Bingo (Bluey)
  3. L (Death Note)
  4. Themberchaud (D&D)
  5. @Mark (GWF)
Ok totally rooting for #4 to win

Sorry Mark

So is that everyone who missed out last time? Can I jump in now and not feel guilty? :link
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so competitors for game 2 so far

1. violet song
2.dark willow
3. camina drummer
4. elle woods
5. river tam
6.guybrush threepwood
7. bert raccoon
8. the littlest hobo
9. booster gold
10. Arnold ( magic school bus)
11.brave little toaster
12. littlefoot
13.johnny 5
14.dead pirate roberts
16. Rexy
17. Bingo
18. L.
20. Mark
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