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AIrt Contest Rules


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Greetings, AIrtists and AIrt enjoyers.

This is the first in what will likely be a series of contests I'm going to put out, hopefully on a semi regular basis.

This one specifically is geared towards those who like to explore the possibilities of AI generated artwork.

In a separate thread, I'll be providing a prompt and you'll get to submit your entries to be voted on by the community.

On Monday, I will drop the new thread with a prompt for you to work off of. You can interpret it however you like, but the submitted work must clearly include the prompt concept in a recognizable way.

For instance, if the prompt given is "a crystal penguin", you could make a literal penguin made of crystal, or a redhead nerd luring a bunch of middle aged gamers into a therapy circle using a trail of Skittles.

To prevent influencing each other's submissions, when you complete your piece I'll ask that you DM it to me.

Come Friday, I'll take all the submissions I've received and post them individually (with the creators name) into the locked thread, then unlock it to allow for voting and discussion.

Everyone will then be able to rate submissions. Votes won't be one and done, you can upvote as many of them as you want, including your own submission.

Then on Sunday, I'll pause voting and whichever has the highest score will be marked as the winning piece. I'll have a badge to award along with trophy points, and a spot in the running gallery thread.

You can use whatever generation medium you wish, with no direct requirement of detail, style, etc. Make and use whatever you want, as long as it adheres to the contest prompt.

  • Submitted work must be your own generation. Don't use something you find on the internet and try to pass it off as yours.
  • Only submit one piece per contest.
If you want to share the generation criteria or prompt you used to get your resulting submission, when sending it to me via DM, that's perfectly fine. I'll include it along with the vote post.

Good luck!

Feel free to post general questions, etc. about the contest here.
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10-4, buddy!
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Sarcastic Shoot GIF by Tristen J. Winger

10-4, buddy!

That’s not to say that if this becomes successful that Ben won’t get in a mood one day and say “fuck it, put titties on every character from Astro Boy to Zelda and we’ll judge ‘em”, because we technically already allow that kind of content, but we gotta at least make some effort to conceal it from guests and the general public. It’s the home of consensual breastses, you’d have to opt-in, like the AI group.
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